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Engage your users with 2-way communication

Using a private social “news feed” for your faith community that allows the admins to distribute information and users to engage

By creating an internal news feed with an experience users are familiar with, your congregatns will receive and respond to information like they never have before. Unlike the trappings of traditional social media, you will have complete control over the entire experience. You can control what order of posts your congregants see, how they can respond to those posts, and even send posts to a specific group, demographic or location.

Your users will react to content through traditional social features such as the ability to “like” or respond to content. You can configure the news feed so that they can respond to content if you allow it on a case-by-case basis, if they have been whitelisted, or not at all.

gathr™ features an industry leading calendar system

Everybody in the market claims to have a calendar but are missing simple features like repeating events.

gathr™ doesn't just offer the ability to create repeating events or for people to RSVP like a traditional calendar, that's where we start. You can add images, a custom invitation video, a description and a location to your event. Users can see if their friend is going to the event, add it to their ical, and navigate to the location directly from the app. There's a easy to scroll list view and a traditional calendar view. Events can be private invite-only, or public to the whole world. You can set gender and age restrictions for your events, and your users can filter out the events they're not interested in.

But this is just the beginning of the features we empower you with. gathr™ will let you sync with any ical, and import events from an existing calendar you have published online. You can also host gathr™'s public calendar on your website.


A powerful user and group system

Every faith community has to deal with the pain trying to advertise your small groups and ask for volunteers. Get rid of that pain with gathr™

Your congregants will have the ability to navigate to a list of groups in your faith community and pick and choose the ones they'd like to join. No need to shout from the rooftops until your throat is hoarse.

Groups can be public or private. Group admins can upload images and videos to attract members, create group events, and invite specific users to join. Users can see a detailed preview of the group before they join, including if their friends are already in the group (which can be turned off). Once they've joined the see a special group page where they are reminded to RSVP to the groups events, and can even chat with each other (to coordinate rides or keep up).

Don't just ask your faith community for money, show them your vision

gathr™ starts at providing an easy, safe, and powerful way for your congregants to donate to your faith community and builds from there

Let's be honest, it's hard enough getting your congregants to donate in the first place - why needlessly try to remind them once or twice a month. gathr™ allows your donors to set up recurring donations, view the past history of the donations they've made, and even handle resolution of payment problems.

But like we said, asking for money is difficult if you're not casting vision. Setup causes - i.e. payoff your faith community's mortgage, donate to a homeless shelter, etc. - and even create monthly or total goals for these causes. Your congregants will see their support add up over time and those goals be met - which will lead to more giving!

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    Sign up online

    Use our online sign-up process to launch your community in minutes. No need to wait weeks for somebody to call you back.

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    Add some content

    You can start adding events, groups, and posts to your app's private community today.

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    Share with your community

    Once you make your community public in the app, you can send the invite code to everybody in your community and they can join the app instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does gathr™ launch?

We are shooting for Q1 2020. Wish us luck!

Can I have a free trial?

When you sign up you have 30 days to try the product and set up your app. After that 30 days ends, or when you make your community public, (whichever comes first) we will process your first months payment.

How much will gathr™ cost?

We will announce our final pricing when we launch.

Where can I download gathr™

You will be able to download gathr™ from the major app stores when it launches.

Download soon

gathr™ will be available on all major platforms in Q1 2020.

gathr™ is coming soon. Sign up for updates.